These Things Came To Mind Today

Ground Control Marketing
These are some things that came to mind today. …In your small/startup business, you must choose what’s sustainable.
• Of course you have big dreams and it can’t go wrong. But don’t spend even a penny if you don’t absolutely have to. You must experiment and be prepared for loss before getting spendy; even if it’s a deal you can’t pass up, someone is selling that business, used equipment, exotic materials, for a reason.

Something is going to go unexpectedly. It just is.
• Any time you can get money ahead of production that’s best. If you’re making one, make two.
Advertising doesn’t work immediately. It takes time. At first it may seem wasted. So go small on that until you know what works. Be bold, but be cautious. Half of what you do may not work, and you may never know why.
• Ads can artificially bump attention short term, but real content, real Awesomeness once you make them look, is what will sell, otherwise they just move on. Build uniformly.
• Point to what you do in proportion to what you have to show.
• Study your competition. They’ve already done the hard work. Just because they have a price set for X dollars, you don’t ‘really’ know if they’re selling at that price, or how long it’s sat there. What makes them great? or not great?
How long have they been at it?
Overall, you must love what you do, have passion for it. Owning a business is hard. You must be willing to work for free, or even at a loss for a while until things get legs. Every dollar you spend on something ‘must have’ is multiple dollars in sales to recover while even more bills, and surprises, come along.
• It’s all about sustainability. The greater the over-reach the greater the chance for loss.
• The more you can stick with it, with a plan, and backup plans, the greater the chance for gain.

• The more you can stop doing what does not work, the greater the chance for gain.

Bottom line, you can’t lose a nickle on every sale, and make it up in volume. It’s not sustainable.

Sustainability comes up a lot in this site.

It's Important.