Ground Control Marketing

The least expensive way to go in marketing are consistent, timed, relevant messages in each channel you have available.

Craft each one to the target audience, and grow organically. That takes time, but it more solid and less expensive.

The key is in deciding what’s sustainable and stick with that. Hand in hand is knowing what’s important to the target audience: price, quality, ease, location… Whatever that need is, address it.

Part of what you’ll do are test messages that address a different aspect of your business. Over time you’ll see what customers respond to.

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It IS possible to buy your way into clicks, expensive brute force to make people look, but this is unsustainable. The attention will drop off immediately when there is little relevancy to the viewers life or needs.

It’s a delicate balance. The urge may be there to spend big on what just can’t miss. It will. Or it won’t; but you’ll never really know why. the safer path is to be conservative, test, keep what you need in reserve if things don’t go as planned. The more you want to reach out into the unknown, the more solid things need to be to do that.

You will end up being more successful in getting your message out and customers in, by methodical careful testing and adjusting, than an all out spending spree, doing too much all at once.

Marketing is a brick by brick effort.

sustainability is everything.