Here’s A Client: Pony Express Pest Control

Pony Express Pest Control Pollock Pines CA
Pony Express Pest Control

Update – December 2022

The updated site we did came out great! and was commented by both the owners to us that it did !!  Yay!

We kept it live for them until December 2022.

…Unfortunately, this client decided not to pay us for the work when billed back in August, so we’re at an impasse.  In fact, we’re out of pocket setting things up for them; and have not been receiving replies back to get things settled. So, giving up. 🙁

…It really did come out good and we’d like you to see it too, the whole site.

It would be super easy to make the site live again once billing is resolved. We’d love to give them the passwords and walk away. We WANT clients to succeed!  We can typically work on trust and a few conversations. Just can’t do it for free. Or faced with silence once the bill comes. Yes, discussed, early June through August.

This is a first time case of us having to do something like this. And it’s  a drag*.

(Original Post)

This site got a complete makeover.

The prior design of this site had no meta information, no content, was basically just a splash page since it’s launch*.

A site like this one, with things like good SEO info in images is going to help with presence on Google. But maybe more than anything, the addition of real content; what they do and why, helps build  presence over time. Keeping the content fresh and relevant moving forward will also help this site move up the ladder in Google rankings. A lot of the work went into the order and how info is presented; part of this was distilling the key ideas from their FB posts into something that begins the work of sales funnel.

At this point  the clients just need to add more blog content, with focused keywords to keep the ball rolling; and inbound/outbound links to Facebook etc.

CLICK HERE to see the MUCH improved website in a new tab.


In retrospect a big red flag, that they were refused the login info by their prior host.