Your Address Says A Lot

Gmail and Yahoo email addresses are awesome between friends, but not for presenting your business to the world. Especially if you’re working from your kitchen table you want to present yourself as a legit business ASAP. Having your own business email address on Facebook, on your products, etc, will help move your small business forward instantly.

Even if there’s no actual website there yet, having that email address in your marketing is a critical step in the right direction. It’s step one. Do it now. It’ll help.
Having your own business address, a URL, is about $10 dollars a year to keep current. A mail service by itself is about $10 too, so $20 bucks per year. In about an hour, once you have your own address set up, you can start sending and receiving mail that says to your future clients that your small business is real.


It’s a small thing, but it’s a BIG thing.


And not hard to do, but if you need help picking the best URL possible! and setting that up, contact us.