Creating Desire

Ground Control Marketing

Most people need to be exposed to an idea multiple times before it get rooted as desire. Fulfilling an existing desire is a slam dunk if there are no barriers to action. If you can get in front of someone at exactly the moment they want your product, and they’re ready to buy, boom! you’ve done it.

But there are some steps to take too. These steps boil down to Know, Like, and Trust.

It’s kind of like dating. Have they seen you around? Do you have a good reputation, present well? Do they want to get to know you? This is the first step of what’s known as a sales funnel. It’s WAY too early to ask for a big purchase. A small one maybe.

After a number of interactions, do they like you? Does your product seem to fill a need or desire even if they didn’t realize they were looking? Is there like/attraction?

Trust. This is the big one. Start by becoming familiar. Get your product/company out there to be seen. Don’t ask for much. Be open and available. Offer some free information maybe, to start a conversation. Invite them to ask questions. This is where repetition come in, keep showing up, same place same time, become known. If you’ve ever read The Little Prince, where the Fox talks to the Prince. It’s that.

Get some contact info, a small ask. An email address, or phone number. Send the information and become familiar and liked. Send a link to more info, send an invite to a presentation, like a wine tasting, or free estimate. Don’t over do it, don’t ask for too much, too fast. Grow trust.

That’s when you can have a good relationship, and that’s what it is. You trust them, they trust you. Whether it’s a chocolate bar that really is all that, or a million dollar home. Are they happy? will they buy again? or recommend you to a friend?

And, here’s a useful twist; being a healthy relationship, this works both ways. Your business is also becomes more healthy by who you don’t pursue. Let that sink in.

Mutual desire, and ultimately action, is being known… then liked …then trusted. Both directions.

This will grow your business.